Sön öf Cowböy-Lailä


Sön at The Hilton, Las Vegas, Nevada
Every time Sön plays at The Hilton he sets a new Guinness Record in concert attendence. This picture was taken in 2001 at his annual Hilton gig. 200 000 fans were held back by gigantic security troups consisting of military, police, CIA and FBI. Sön delivered one of his best shows ever and shocked the audience by showing up in a black frock with a white collar. This was the first time he wore this now classic outfit and we've all seen what a trend he created; who haven't seen even vicars wear this type of frock everywhere, even at church service? This shows only how much power Sön's music wields on ordinary people.

Sön performing with side project Anti-Depressive Delivery at Sake Concert Hall
Sön was the main attraction and gave a stunning performance of course but some people weren't totally blind or deaf to his backing band this particular evening. "The band has nice volume", "The guitarist has a nice hair colour" and "The bass player's and the drummer's pants fit together and they go fine with the keyboard man's watch" were among all the nice things heard about the background musicians.

Sön was offered to starr in 2 major movies but had to thank no, "My heart belongs to the party country" he says.

Sön at Mid-Western Country Festival 2002, Phoenix, Arizona
The audience counting over 150 000 people went completely bananas and it was a huge success for the city of Phoenix as the crowds stayed at the hotels in town for one week before and after the show to share their love for Sön and to reminisce about the tremendous concert performance the great Party Country Monster himself delivered!

Rare home concert performance!
The picture was taken at a concert held at one of Sön's many fan's home. Sön played the mandolin during most of this special unplugged performance. "Stunning!" and "Dazzling!" were the only words the breathtaken audiencecould utter and the applause lasted for 2 days. Sön's backing band consisted this evening only of a dancer, a background singer and a drummer who also got nice comments a couple of days later, like "The band is well panned" and "The drummer looks like a nice guy".