Sn f Cowby-Lail


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Many people asks how, when and where Sn makes music. The answer is: in all ways, all the time and everywhere...

Sn makes music...
..while cooking. Sn is by the way an excellent cook and his food is like a symphony that grows and grows and becomes better everytime you check it out. Except better than that. It's almost as good as his very own party country!!!

Sn in studio
The picture shows Sn for once relaxing in studio. He's almost constantly in studio working but sometimes he takes a short break to recover with some coffee and face gymnastics.

Sn f Cowby-Lail discography:

Party Country Monster Hits 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Sn - an artist with a big heart

Sn draws his inspiration from his own life, and he creates the music HE wants to hear, but he can also force himself to listen to other artists to show solidarity.

The critics are raving over Sn's albums!!! No wonder - he is the most amazing artist I've ever heard.

Review from Monster Magazine:
Only his name could make the devil shiver in awe and the music should scare the most skilled musician from ever even thinking of trying to make an album as good as this. Sn f Cowby-Lail graces us with new country acid versions of his classic hits like "B-Sabbath", "Shut it ut Loud", Nevr Say Die" and "Smke on the Wter" and it sounds even more dazzling and stunning than before. Another amazing thing is that this music has the ability to turn even a lemon into a smiling happy well-groomed world citizen even if the drums and the keyboards are so technically intricate that you need to concentrate a bit when you listen to it. And not to mention the echo vocals. Most people will love this but musicians who have problems with their self esteem should also check this out to realize that Sn is superior to EVERYONE, not only them. It could be a relief to anyone. Sn f Cowby-Lail has signed on Panna Records so there will be more! So beware! [Martin Kvam]

We love Sn and Sn loves us