Sön öf Cowböy-Lailä


When you become as big as Sn f Cowby-Lail you can't avoid major controversy in the medias. There will always be people spreading false rumors and backstabbing you for no other reason than pure envy or as a pathetic attempt at getting some PR for themselves. Sn of course rises high above all this controversy but on demand of thousands of fans who wants to see their idol's reputation cleaned up, we'll present some facts to beat off the attacks on Sn.

Panties thrown at Sn onstage

The rumor: A rumor that has outraged many of Sn's fans is that Sn supposedly has collected all the panties with names and telephone numbers thrown on stage, and put them on the walls of his caf (Caf H) to make problems for the often married women who threw their panties at him in pure Sn euphoria and now fear what their husbands will say if they find out about it.

The fact: Sn has made his roadies collect the panties but he also made them wash the panties so they look as new and anonymously sent them to humanitarian organizations that provide poor people around the world with clothes. We can't know 100% that the roadies didn't take some panties for themselves but if Sön finds out they have done that they'll soon be replaced by new roadies.

Is Sn blind?
The rumor: Sn is blind. His eyes are only white - without iris and pupil! He just have someone paint on iris and pupil from time to time.

The truth: Sn is not blind but he won't give away his trick and remains silent about how he can turn his eyes inside out like shown on the photo.

Welhaven Goes Classic Rock

As a fan of Welhaven myself it hurts to watch him sinking so low that he actually claims he is the originator of Sn's unique music style. He is a well-known artist himself and I don't understand why he has to slander Sn. Maybe he has some personal problems - he is said to have become a heavy drinker lately. He is also bitter about Sn being signed on Panna Records while he actually don't have a record deal at the time being.

Welhaven has made quite a controversy in the medias about his supposed invention of Sn's very own sound and it's truly sad to see how he puts his own carreer on line only to make problems for Sn. Sn himself respects Welhaven as a musician and artist but he is disappointed in Welhaven's behavior of late. After all, Sn created the artist name Welhaven and he has helped a lot in the promotion of Welhaven's hit single "Let it be Heaven". Welhaven's Homepage