Sön öf Cowböy-Lailä


Beautiful photos of the lovely Sön and some of his friends and fans. If you have some nice footage of Sön live please send it to the webmaster, Märtha Bärtha Louis at monikaedv@hotmail.com!

Sön playing his fave guitar, the Freia CG Classic. His brother Udö in the background.
Sön delivering the goods and godammit is it good!!!

Sön in studio
Lovely Sön

Sön on stage

Sön backstage at the Arizona gig. Photo by some groupie
Sönhet (means something like Sön beauty, as you can see)

The Guru at the mountain. You can see from his pose that he wields unimaginable power on those who believes. Sön saves the world! Allriiight!!!
Sön's brother, Pöl and Sön on the mountain. The mountain air is so thin that they both get weaker eye sight and have to wear glasses when they go there.

Pöl, Sön's brother. He's got fake red hair underneath his Everton-hair.
A computermade picture that shows how Sön will look like when he grows old

Pöl has a facial disease that makes a gasmask grow from his face if he stays too long on the mountain.

Never mind the stuff I'm writing here, it's just a trick to make the pictures align with each other... Riiighty-o!!!

Here's a very blurry-looking Sön. The unknown photographer thought s/he did a good job and that the photo looked excellent but s/he better take a look at it now and be very ashamed to ruin a photo that would look marvellous if s/he had been more focused on doing a good job for Sön.

Svein (at the left) is Sön's friend. He might look like a nice guy but if you look at his bloody fist and the sad look and bruises on the other guy's face I guess you'll have to think twice about Svein. Sön distances himself from violence but Svein is still his friend.
We actually thought Welhaven was an adult but as we can all see he is just a small child - he uses fake beard and "moustaches" to seem older and he uses a wig with long brown hair. This is how he really looks!

...and a funny kid he is too!

Sön at the kitchen
Sön cooks

This is the webmaster, Märtha Bärtha Louis in a moment of extreme happiness. She was invited by her big idol Sön to join him and his brother Pöl on their cabin in the mountains. Louis was so extatic she peed in her panties 4 times during the stay and wet her bed every night for 14 days during and after her first meeting with the stars.
Märtha Bärtha Louis and Sön

Sön as an executioner
A closer look at Sön from the time he worked as an executioner. As the great humanist he is, he decided to find out how it is to work as an executioner. The picture was taken while Sön was taking down the gallow after having executed four children for stealing bread. Our great party country guru learned a lot about himself as a human being during this hard time.

When Sön goes to the mountain he sometimes takes off his signature bald-wig to let his hair breathe. This is essential when he uses his skills as a carpenter in the thin mountain air.
Sön is also a master with the drill

Both Sön (below) and Pöl (on the right) are looking up at something strange through the cabin window. Find out what it is in a later episode!

This is what the brothers saw! It may look a bit like a bomb but this is actually how it looks when the mountain cranberry plants bloom. The plants outside Sön and Pöl's cabin are quite tall and their gems bloom with beautiful explosions several times a day in the spring.

Stein and Sön

Sön sometimes lets his friend Stein play a bit on his Hammond organ so he can live out his fantasies about being a musician
He looks pretty satisfied as far as I can tell

As you can see Sön don't need make-up or fancy clothes to look stunning!