Sön öf Cowböy-Lailä

Instruments 2

Bass Euphoria

Sön's bröther Udö sits in the background prögramming drums for Sön's next mega hit.

The Freia CG Classic

His favorite electric guitar, Freia CG Classic. Sön has a rare disease that works like this: Whenever Sön is feeling proud about something, his face turns into the most bizarre horror masks, often making him look like some kind of bad guy, which of course is as far from the truth as can be..
Ancient string instrument

Sön inherited this instrument after a distant grand uncle a cöuple öf years ago. Here he is captured figuring out another God-given Party Country Monster Hit with the melting notes from his instrument.

Rare möment 1

Sön captured stealing two minutes away from his lifelong calling of feeding the universe with delightful music.
Rare möment 2

Not really... Just planning his next masterpiece.


Drink Asina!

Use PARBA shaving foam!

Guitar Workshop

Sön likes to repair things as a combination of his two passions: music and tools
Sön's workshops

Sön doesn't only repair guitars, but also basses, synths, pedals, lamps. cables and more. If you would like to visit him in his workshop we suggest you take part in the competition as deescribed further down on this page.

To dean - an explanation

You might think you haven't heard the word "dean" before but of course you have - in a slightly different meaning I guess. To dean simply means to make James Dean eyebrows as Sön does in the picture here.
Udö and Sön at the workshop

Udö points at everything asking "What's this?" "What do you use this for?" "Why do you do that?" "Can you do that once more, I didn't see it the first time!?!" "Are you sure it's supposed to be like that?" "Can I try now?" "Can you please move your hand so I can see what you're doing?" "Will you buy me a new guitar if you destroy this one?" "Can I have a hot dog and Cola?" "Can I go to the toilet please?" "How can I get a girl to sleep with me?" "Have you ever slept with agirl? How is it?". Sön just deans and behaves in a cool way as always answering a few of the questions. Udö is proud to be Sön's bröther.

Sön almost-pride

Sön might look a bit proud here but we know his disease that makes his face twist and turn to the most unrecognizable whenever he feels proud, so he's probably almost proud here.

Find 5 flaws!!! This image and the previous one may look the same but can YOU find the 5 differences between them? Send the answer to monikaedv@hotmail.com and you might win a visit to Sön's instrument workshop where he can take a look at YOUR instruments!!!