Sön's children

Sön has many children. Here you can see photos of these little darlings... On this picture you can see Brillrødingen, Dino, Tut, Grønningen, Blekkisen, Uxmal, Gladrødingen, Rødingen, Skoggrønningen and their snake.

THE MIRACLE!!! Further down on this page you can see all the pictures from the event everyone now refers to as "The Miracle". Get ready to be stunned by Sön's abilities!


Rødingen loves to push buttons...

Godrødingen is daddy's røding


Uxmal loves the mountain!

Tut likes to stay in the trees

Öyis, Sön's brother babysitting Rødingen

Rødingen is always happy when uncle Öyis babysits. Then they play guitar and drums together. Öyis is also the father of a røding, Rødingen's cousin. His name is also Rødingen.
Brillrødingen and Gladrødingen

These two little cuties are good friends and hang out together most of the time

THE MIRACLE: It started during a normal Sön photo shoot...

Sön looking dazzling as always.
Sön posing, does he know of the miracle to come?

Sön works in mysterious ways... he seems to know nothing of what happens in his glorious beard. As the professional he is, he poses and looks glamorous no matter what happens. But what is this strange red thing in his beard?

The photographer alerts the star...

"Excuse me, Sön..."

"There's something happening in your beard!"

"You're damn right there is!"

Sön checks it out...

"What the hell...???"

"Who are you???"


"My sön!"

Sön and his sön, Lillerødingen

Now you have been a witness to The Miracle... May Sön, Sön's new sön and all Sön's söns and daughters live ever happy and prosperous...

You can see more photos of Sön's children at the webmaster's page

Sön could never have gotten bad or ugly children