Sön öf Cowböy-Lailä

More pix

We can never have enough pictures of the dazzling Sön. Here comes another selection of prize-winning shots of the guru and those who are lucky enough to get the opportunity to spend some quality time in the vicinity of the aura around him.


The real boss on Cuba

It's been a well-known fact for at least half a century that Sön is the boss on Cuba after his coup d'état that turned Cuba into a safe and family friendly country to live in. What most of you may not know however, is that on Cuba there is also a minor underground group who supports an insane man named Fidel Castro in his belief that HE is the boss.

"Let him believe it" Sön says, "If it makes him and his worshippers lives better I'll let them continue". Again we have seen what a warm and well-doing man Sön is. Castro's group is not seen as a threat to Sön's power but if they try anything it will be stopped immediately.

Many have questioned if Sön is actually a communist, but we'd like to refute the rumor at the strongest. Sön has nothing to do whatsoever with political affairs. "My only political beliefs concerns liberation of the notes in my music" he says.

Bewitching Sön

Sön at the beginning of the now famous photo shoot known as The Miracle. All the other photos from this shoot are on the Children page.


Press photos for presentation of Sön's new book "Nectar of the gods"

Sön is a charming devil...


...and a handsome devil...


Sön never relaxes, always concentrating on new intriguing plots for a new book or hook lines for a new hit...


...but always with a charming smile at hand...


Sön has a part time job as a bird imitator in the forest. This work was unpaid until Sön told the politicians in Norway how important it is to take care of our nature.


Because of the heavy air pollution in Sön's hometown there are far fewer birds than earlier so Sön saw it neccessary to make bird sounds with the help of flutes to make it at least sound like there are still birds alive.



When real birds start to sing, Sön can take a well deserved break to think of new hits and book plots.

It's also important to express one's gratitude towards the birds when they sing so they will continue to do this life important task. Sön imitates the typical way a bird expresses joy and well-being.


Sön's younger brother Udö has a big problem; he wishes this vehicle was in order. "No problem!" says Sön and his face turns into his face with a skimask and a Nazi-helmet as it always does when he fixes mopeds and cars...


Udö kneels before his brother, moved to tears and feeling 100% confident that Sön will do a miracle...


After 10 minutes of extremely hard and fast labor:

It's unbelievable but Sön has done it again: He has turned a completely useless pile of rust to a shiny, perfectly working miracle of a vehicle!


Sön and Udö captured in a moment of self esteem and utter gratitude respectively:

"Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks my beloved brother!"



Udö is amazed when thinking of how lucky he is to have been chosen to be one of Sön's three brothers.

He puts on his little helmet, ready to drive Sön to one of the many places depending on Sön's magic aura: The hospital, where patients start to sing in joy and well-being at the moment Sön arrives.




As a part of his neverending humanitarian commitment Sön often brings different diseases and ailments upon himself to find out how it is to suffer. This time he's got a boil on his back.

It hurts, but pain makes Sön's passion for humanitarian work even stronger.


One of the countless important tasks Sön performs is handling poison and dangerous materials. Here he is captured in a happy moment after rescuing a family from eating extremely venomous food from their own fridge!


A humanitarian worker never takes a holiday. Sön warned the world for years about the hazards of using fireworks, but the people wouldn't listen and continued lighting up fireworks and burning down houses. On New Year's Eve 2006 Sön set an example for us all by setting fire to the house of a family consisting of six children and two adults. They all died in the fire. In his grand generosity Sön took the risk of losing his popularity for the important task of showing people the dangers of playing with fireworks.


Sön's looks will never die!