Keep yourself updated about Son of Cowboy-Laila!!!

June 1st 06 - New photos on the "More Pix" page showing important tasks of Sön's various humanitarian work.

June 14th 05 - Sorry for keeping you in the dark concerning Sön for so long - I, Claydermädchen can never apologize enough for this, but now there is an update on Sön's life on the "More Pix" page. Sön is a multi-talented guy, that's for sure!

May 18th 04 - Sön has layed down some serious fretwork on another talented musician, Rødingen's debut album, due to be released this year. Rødingen (the little guy next to Sön on the photo at the right) is Sön's sön and you can hear where he got his talent from! It's also easy to recognize Sön's personal signature in those oh-so-impressive guitar licks!

Updates: New photos on the "More pix" page and check out Sön's new mp3 at his mp3 page - it's a hit guaranteed!!! Also: A review from Mönster Magazine has been added on the "Music" page.

Mar 20th 04 - MIRACLE!

A beard expert had just been flewn in from Switzerland and he was watching a Sön photo shoot, waiting to examine the star's dazzling beard when a miracle happened!!! Check it out on the Children page! New photos also on the More Pix page

The professor in beard, spruce lichen (=granskjegg) and moss from Swiss Academy of Nature Wonders, Skegre Bösenschnaps, says he has never seen anything like this and that he feels he has been a witness to the greatest miracle ever. He has begged Sön to let him examine and study his beard and everything related. As for now Sön needs peace and quiet but as the great humanist he is, he has told the professor to stay at his hotel for a couple of weeks and then they'll use half a year to negotiate it. Bösenschnaps is so thankful that he has started to work on having made a giant statue of Sön in every town of Switzerland. "It was about time" Sön says.

Mar 16th 04 - Sön has experienced a lot of itching and strange feelings in his beard lately. He has seen two beard specialists and even a beard surgeon about the problem but none of them can tell what's wrong. Sön has been adviced to touch his beard as little as possible for some days and see if it helps. If not, the world's leading beard specialist and surgeon will be brought to Norway a.s.a.p. to help our intergalactic star.

Mar 12th 04 - Updates: New photos and stories at the Pix page, More Pix page, Gigs page and Children page!

Feb 29th 04 - A new and exciting update on the page: Exclusive footage of Sön working as an executioner and a carpenter. Go to the Pix page to check it out!

The webmaster has also realized that there were major technical problems with using æ, ä, ø, ö and å on the site and has taken care of them.

Feb 24th 04 - Sön just remembered that one more band has cried and begged on their knees to become a backing band for him and that he has let them use a recording of his voice on their new demo. Sön doesn't quite remember the band's name, but it's something like El Dorado or Del Rodeos or something.

Feb 20th 04 - Sön has gotten two new children! Their names are Blekkisen and Skoggrønningen and we'll soon put in photos of these two little darlings.

New instruments have also found their way into Sön's home and a presentation of these wonder machines will be added to the page in the near future.

+ Sön has also recorded another album with his side project, Anti-Depressive Delivery. He doesn't remember the title of this album, but I guess the fans can tell him later on. Some of the members of his backing band have played an icehockey game in studio a lot and have reached a quite average level now. Some people claim that the band has a nice volume also on this recording. Sön couldn't care less.

Dec 31st 03 - FANTASTIC NEWS! The new Sön öf Cowböy-Lailä mp3 page is up and running! Check it out here!!!

Dec 29th 03 - GREAT NEWS! The webmaster have found a webpage called to share Sön's mp3s with you! So far Sön's SoundClick page is not made yet, but you can check out the webmaster's SoundClick page to hear Sön's work in his side project Ja Neiggu and as a guest artist in Claydermädchen's songs.

Dec 28th 03 - As you may have read on the 'MURDER' page, Sön was killed by his friend Svein Dec 16th, but now he is alive and well again. Thanks for all the support in the difficult time when he was gone and please welcome back our one and only fabulous SÖN ÖF COWBÖY-LAILÄ!!!Check out the new page about Folktales!!!

Dec 16th 03 - Sön has a guest, his friend Svein, and since Svein is such a violent guy, Sön saw it necessary to add a comment to Svein's picture on the pix page. Sön tries to convince Svein to calm down and not get so pissed about everything. We hope Sön can help him turn into a new and improved man.

Dec 2nd 03 - Horrible news!!! Can you download Sön mp3s? No, not anymore!!! The gruesome people at has closed down the page and you'll have to wait till early 2004 to get to Sön's mp3s again. What's even worse is that what was written about Sön on that mp3 page is lost forever... This will be revenged, good folks, don't you worry about that!!!!!!!!!

Dec 1st 03 - New photos on children page, news page and music page.

Nov 28nd 03 - New page: pictures of Sön's children! Also two new photos of Sön on the picture page

Nov 23rd 03 - New photos of Welhaven the Kid on Pix side.

Panna Records signs new combo? The Cardinal has offered a new band a deal but only if they call their band Sons of the Garden Gnome. They don't seem willing to change their name, and we hope they will not sign on Panna Records cause that will mean less attention for Sön.

Nov 12th 03 - Sorry for no updates for a while - Märtha Bärtha Louis has been ill. Sön's gig with his side project ADD was a major success and one very important aspect about this gig was that Sön actually had Welhaven playing bass for him on this gig. Great for putting an end to the controversy regarding Sön's originality and Welhaven's petty attempts on bringing down our guru!!!

Oct 4th 03 - Sön has taken up a new instrument - the theremin! He will be performing on theremin in addition to vocals with one of his side projects, Anti-Depressive Delivery at Sake Concert Hall Nov 1st. Diehard fans should know where to be that day!

Sep 30th 03 - Sön will be out on a tour with his side project named Griffin in October. The music isn't half as good as Sön's own albums but diehard fans are recommended to see the one and only Sön on stage in Japan, Europe, Australia and USA in October. He will cover Africa and the rest of Asia on a later occasion, probably with his own monstrous party country hits so lock up your hjertedør AND your daughters!!!

Sep 21st 03 - Sön's page up and running. There is much to do before it's finished but some lovely pictures of every mother's favourite Sön are available at least!!!